Alexander Rosan

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Alexander Rosan

Bodyworker, yoga instructor and healer based in Portland


I have been practicing massage, and bodywork since 2007, and teaching yoga since 2005. I found my way into the field through a community of other practitioners who inspired me so much, and lead me to believe I was meant to help other communities in a similar fashion. Through facing my own health challenges as a type 1 diabetic I’ve gone through an incredible process of realizing what self care looks like, and how all of us can engage in a deeper, and more sustainable way of taking care of ourselves.

My ultimate goal is to be able to teach people on a broad level how we can heal ourselves, go deeper, be more present, and offer the unique gift each of us has to offer. I want to create a community of people interested in engaging in this process not only so they can have support, but so they can also expand upon, and deepen the process for themselves, and their chosen community. It is not that I think everyone should make this their profession, but bring this to their professional, as well as personal, lives.

We have so much power to create our reality. Yet, where we have been disempowered is where we have gained a weakness. I believe through empowering troubled mental, physical, and emotional states we can heal ourselves and the ones we choose to keep close to us.

Welcome to the world of bodywork!